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How to Get the Best Deals Shopping for Electronics

Not all prices are set in stone especially on the big items. You can get some good deals if you know when and where to shop. Timing is everything when it comes to retail. Of course you can always find good deals when you shop online but you can also find good deals by shopping locally if you know when to shop. In this article I give you some tips you can use when shopping for those electronic gadgets you have been wanting.

Best time to shop

One of the best times to shop is Sunday cause that is usually when the new ads kick in and you can usually get a good deal. What you want to do is to shop 1 hour before the store closes. The store personnel is in the best mood at that time. Also, sales managers have quotas and want sales people to get push items out the door. Last minute buyers can usually get a better deal than early shoppers.

Fridays is also a great time to shop because thats when the store is stocked for the weekend. Use the same approach as shopping on Sunday. Shop 1 hour before the store closes and you can usually get a good deal. One quick note is don't expect to get good deals on newly released models or items. The best items for that is last years model or discontinued models. These will get you the best deals especially if the store wants to get rid of some inventory to make way for new.

Learn to haggle

All they can say is no that is the worst thing that can happen. Ask if they can adjust the price. This will work better on big ticket items. If they say no you can just wait for the item to come on sale or buy it online. One quick tip though be nice don't piss off sales people by being demanding or "I am the customer" attitude. They are not obligated to bargain with you so be nice and they will be more obliging. Most people who have asked for a better price got one. Just learn when to haggle and when not too. Small ticket items will be harder to negotiate a better price so keep that in mind. Sometimes if an item will go sale the nest day the sales person will give you the sale price that day. I have had this happen to me before I saved 20% on a TV once.

Use price matching or price protection

Many places will allow you to get the difference if an item you buy goes on sale at another store. They normally allow 30 days for this price protection guarantee. One good way to take advantage of this is to use priceprotectr. All you do is enter the URL of the product you bought and include your email address. The priceprotectr will email you when the price is lower than what you paid. This way you can make good use of the price protection guarantee. You won't have to watch ads the priceprotectr takes care of this for you.

There is no reason you can't get good deals buying retail if you know what your doing. For more info, check out my favorite electronics site: keuzehelper.